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Proofreading & Copyediting

Proofreading is the term used to describe close reading of typewritten work to look for mistakes in language use ie, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Traditionally, proofreading involved comparing a written or typed manuscript to a document prepared for publishing to ensure that no mistakes had been made in the typing, editing or typesetting process. Nowadays, the proofreader may still be required to perform this task, but more often is simply presented with the finished document ready for publishing and asked to find any errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

CommaSense will perform your requested proofreading task and mark up your document either manually or electronically, according to your preference. Simply email your requirements, with document attached, requesting an estimate of the time/cost. If the estimate is acceptable to you, you will then be asked to complete an agreement form for the work involved.  

Copyediting (or editing), on the other hand, usually involves ensuring that the written material makes sense and may involve re-writing and/or re-ordering the content/text.  It overlaps with proofreading in that the process of copyediting will also identify errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Further proofreading is recommended to ensure that the final document is free from any errors prior to publishing or printing.

Again CommaSense will perform your copyediting requests and mark up the document either manually or electronically, according to your preference, and will attach any suggested re-writes.