The law of nature

The wildebeest emerged that day

And wobbled on its feet

So young, so strong, so beautiful

It searched for mother’s teat

The camera witnessed everything

The birth without a fuss

The mother watching patiently

The filming was for us

The wildebeest was preyed on

By a hungry lioness

Too weak to capture larger beasts

The strength required was less

The camera witnessed everything

The stalking and the chase

The killing in broad daylight

In such a lovely place

The calf was born on Christmas Eve

The farmer helped the vet

To tend the new and precious life

Not on its feet quite yet

The camera witnessed everything

The grazing in the field

The steady growth, the tender care

Designed to boost the yield

The calf was taken off one day

The fear it felt was real

The truck turned at the abattoir

The calf would soon be veal

The camera witnessed none of it

No marvel here to show

The law of nature unenforced

The cunning plan – the foe

by S Fielding

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