The joy of poetry writing

What fun it is to write in verse

The words just flow along

In perfect rhythmic harmony

Just like a little song

I must get on - I can’t sit here

Composing all day long

I’ve work to do, I need to go

I’m surely in the wrong

But I’m still here, the poem’s alive

It doesn’t want to stop

It’s keeping me in custody

I can’t get to the shop

I’ll have to make it finish now

But who’s in charge of that

The chicken or the egg? I ask

I think I smell a rat

“We need to feel that we control

The words that come to us”

That’s what they said this morning at

Poets Anonymous

This poem’s getting silly now

I feel the end is near

You see, the poem stopped itself

There was nothing to fear

by S Fielding

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