Survival of the fittest

Pacific waters left behind

They swam two thousand miles to find

Their long abandoned birthing ground

Alaskan rivers, homeward bound

The bears were waiting patiently

And watching at the estuary

To glimpse the salmon’s first arrival

So crucial for the bears’ survival

The salmon battled past the bears

But some fell victim unawares

The shallow waters posing danger

The bear cubs snatching at a stranger

The salmon hid in deeper pools

And showed the bears they were no fools

They’d wait escape until the rain

Came down to change the vast terrain

The bears stood firm, the torrent raced

Through ten-month hunger they were braced

To catch the elusive leaping feast

And satiate within the beast

In every thousand, four were caught

Between the jaws, and cubs were taught

To fish and eat to stay alive

To hibernate and so survive

The salmon swam until they found

Their old familiar birthing ground

And on the gravel spawned their young

Then died because their work was done

Their rotting bodies fed the earth

Ensuring the continual birth

Of vegetation in that land

Designed by nature’s skilful hand  

by S Fielding

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