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If you like traditional rhyming poetry, then you may like my easy-read poems.  

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The workshop (humorous)

Pilates (humorous)

Rejection (short & sad)

South bound (slightly enigmatic)

My dining room (humorous)

Survival of the fittest  (story)

The law of nature (observation of life)

Another broken salt pot (humorous)

The joy of poetry writing (humorous/silly)

All poems on this web site are the property of the author and may not be reproduced or used without the owner’s permission.

Real life (serious)

A trip to Wells Cathedral (long & humorous, story)

One time (slightly enigmatic)

The inner self (slightly enigmatic)

E J Hill & Son (long, story)

To each their own (humorous)

Irony (short, observation of life, silly)

Sold (short, observation of life)

Truth (short, observation of life)