I’m feeling stressed from head to toe

It’s Friday and it’s time to go

Pilates ‘starts’ at half past ten

I really can’t be late again

I grab my mat and stretchy band

My rucksack firmly in my hand

I trot off to the village hall

So far, there’s no-one here at all

A car appears and there is Liz

Then Lesley, Lorna, Helen, Chris

We chat away and walk inside

And lay our mats down side by side

Once all the chat and fussing’s through

We don’t begin till twenty to

The music starts, we’re feeling hot

From marching briskly on the spot

We lay down on our stiffened backs

And Lesley tells us to relax

Our concentration mustn’t wane

We find our ‘neutrals’ once again

My navel tries to reach my spine

My back is on a steep incline

Each vertebra uncurls in turn

There’s such an awful lot to learn

I haven’t breathed for quite some time

My face looks guilty of a crime

But breathing in and breathing out

Is far too much to think about

She makes us do the Hundred next

I finish up completely vexed

From holding up my heavy head

I’m sure it must be made of lead

We stretch our hamstrings, feet are flexed

I wonder what is coming next

The Cat, or Rolling like a Ball?

I actually don’t mind at all

The hour’s up, I’m feeling great

I’m in a lovely, stress-free state

We go for coffee at the pub –

King Alfred – it’s the village hub

by S Fielding

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